So you probably know by now that there's a new show on NBC called "Heroes." Well those bastards stole our idea... actually, Daniel's wife's idea.

Erika created a dance piece last year about ordinary people being heroes in the every day. It was loosely inspired by people showing their true colors, shining, after The Towers fell; it's about how you can be a superhero without having to fly or see through walls. It's a really cool idea and we love it (hopefully NBC doesn't blow it). Dan co-composed the music for the dance piece, and that composition evolved into a Cats or Cars tune first called "Ordinary Heroes" and then changed to "Tall as Justice."

Well, now that NBC is pouring millions of dollars into advertising "Heroes," we're changing the title back to "Ordinary Heroes" to piggy-back off that press.


"The Subtle Knife"

Click to download the video (16MB). For best picture quality leave video in native resolution (do not view larger than 320x240). A lesser quality version is available on YouTube.


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Half as Cool as Han Solo


"Ordinary Heroes "

listen to the song that inspired the hit NBC series*




*statement not true

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